Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Put Some Clothes On

So many times you walk into your closet and see absolutely nothing. I mean, you see clothes but create excuses as to why you can't wear any of them leaving you with nothing. A problem among most of us doesn't have to get the best of us. And don't feel alone because many of us share this issue, hence the mass production of those "Nothin To Wear" t-shirts.

Well, Eureka! Solution found. I was reading looking at pictures in an old newspaper today and saw a world wide trend that’s so simple but high on the fashionista charts.

Whenever you’re in a crunch, take out your favorite blazer and pashmina scarf. Viola! You can pair this with jeans, slacks, cargos, and even a skirt if you’re feeling girly. You don’t even have to worry about a top since the blazer can close and the pashmina falls over. Keep it simple with a white tee. Try it yourself and watch the stress of picking clothes leave your mind and closet.
Don't forget to accessorize!
***Find theses styles below at Old Navy and Urban Outfitters***