Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BC Time!

It’s been a while. Blame it on my hair. It’s not behaving itself so I had to put it on a time out therefore I had nothing to write about. I could have written about the foolishness I see on a daily basis, but I spared you. You’re welcome.

Anyway, I’m here now and I have some news. My hair is growing beautifully! I haven’t straightened it out to know but I can tell.

This strand is from the front of my scalp and is about the length of a newly sharpened pencil.

(this picture was taken at work so i had to utilize my simple resources)

There is just one exception. There’s a spot dead center that is not budging. I noticed it back in September after I took out my birthday weave and now it’s December and there’s hardly any growth. It is no longer than an inch and constantly irritates me. I’ve done everything from massaging it with coconut oil to moisturizing it with shea butter, and even clarifying it with tea tree. Nothing is working (fast enough). But I have the ultimate solution.

Yes, I'm going to start all over again and I'm going to do it right. You all know how I started with regular products and weave caps. This time my hair is going to be treated like royalty. I'm joining MopTop's Challenge to keep me focused. Plus I get to look like Chrisette!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jack of All Trades

I’ve done it all. Well, at least attempted it all. At some point of my life I’ve been a hairdresser, a party planner, a bag designer, a photographer, a poet, and a knitter. The list can go on if I were to name the things I’ve only tried once but never maintained. This time around I think I’ve found something.

Before I reveal what that something is I just want to put it out there that everyone should be testing out their capabilities. You never know where your talents can take you until you try. And if it falls through, that gives more reason to test out your next talent. Besides, it’s a good method to unwind after the stressful days we all endure.

OK, the wait is over. As of September 2010, I am a… jewelry designer.

I came up with this particular hustle after realizing that I was spending way too much money on accessories and other costume jewelry. In a previous post you can see that I had to reorganize my whole closet just because of my surplus of jewelry. Then I began to examine how the pieces I owned were made. I said to myself, “I could do that!” A short trip to Michael’s pioneered my addiction to creating my pieces. And two months later, I have about 30 pieces.
Here’s a sneak peek...

St. Tropez


Chain Reaction

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Put Some Clothes On

So many times you walk into your closet and see absolutely nothing. I mean, you see clothes but create excuses as to why you can't wear any of them leaving you with nothing. A problem among most of us doesn't have to get the best of us. And don't feel alone because many of us share this issue, hence the mass production of those "Nothin To Wear" t-shirts.

Well, Eureka! Solution found. I was reading looking at pictures in an old newspaper today and saw a world wide trend that’s so simple but high on the fashionista charts.

Whenever you’re in a crunch, take out your favorite blazer and pashmina scarf. Viola! You can pair this with jeans, slacks, cargos, and even a skirt if you’re feeling girly. You don’t even have to worry about a top since the blazer can close and the pashmina falls over. Keep it simple with a white tee. Try it yourself and watch the stress of picking clothes leave your mind and closet.
Don't forget to accessorize!
***Find theses styles below at Old Navy and Urban Outfitters***

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Frugal Extravagance

I started thrifting about a year ago when I just happened to be walking in the neighborhood of my job. I passed by a store that always had things on the sidewalk that I thought would look perfect in my dream house. Very vintage chairs and sets of plates that were just very unique and cute. I happened to go in one day simply to look at the furniture but was quickly intrigued by the clothes and accessories too.

This past weekend I did some research on thrift stores in my area since I cant frequent that other place for often anymore. I found Beacon’s Closet and at the same time I found heaven on earth, just at a cheaper price.

I found this jacket on a rack that I wasn't even supposed to touch. But it was an obvious choice. That day I walked out of the house with a leopard blouse and a cropped faux fur vest. Put those together and you have this jacket. I had to purchase it. Plus it was Free People for only $35 which is usually upwards of $200!

I tried these leopard platform shoes on by Carlos Santana. They were really cute and obviously I was having a moment with animal print. Ultimately, I had to say enough and decided against them. I also had a pair of Steve Madden black and red patent pumps for $10 (on the left).

I left the store with two items. The jacket and these pebble leather Calvin Klein pumps for $20 were one. They looked like the were wore once. I decided to go with something that is unlike anything I have in my closet and these will be great when the weather warms up.

Hair I Am

I started to love my iPhone 4 (a surprise if you’ve read my previous post). And because of it, I am taking more pictures. Almost daily I pose for myself to capture my beauty and of course my hairstyle. LOL. Pictures below.

This was a casual Monday. Started my week with a bigger twist-out than I'm used to.

You can't really see the hair, but the outfit was nice. Coral, black and silver. This was one way that I incorporated my Srping/Summer items into this frigid Fall.

Back to the hair. I retwisted my hair every night and finger combed it in the mornings. Nice.

I'm like an angel with the halo casted over my head. I have a center part to spice it up.

Pinned the sides and fluffed the front and back.

I obviously took out my twist out and didn't bother to finger comb. The sections are still visible which gives me the Sideshow Bob look (my uncle gave me that name).

This was the day of the Transcendence Natural Hair Show in Brooklyn. I was trying too hard and ended up with this. I didnt let my hair dry and later on that day my hair shrunk.

Harlem Knights

Yesterday officially made 4-weeks at my new job. I started working at the Harlem Children’s Zone as a Middle School Tutor. It’s definitely a shock coming from the Talented &Gifted school I’ve worked at for the last 4 years. I’ve become accustomed to students who were self sufficient and intelligent beyond their years. Now I’ve been put into a place that makes me believe the movie Precious still resounds in our modern days.

I have one student who can’t read or write, other students who can almost read, and then there are those who can read the words but have now idea what the words mean. My first thoughts were how I can make a quick but professional exit. I didn’t and still don’t believe I can make any change. Geoffrey Canada, the founder of Harlem Children’s Zone, has had his name broadcasted throughout the country as his program is supposed to make huge leaps in education amongst low income children. How can I live up to that?

Whatever my fate is at this new place, I can’t help but be upset with the fact that the level of education will not increase anytime soon amongst low income neighborhoods which so happen to house mostly Black people. I’ve been lucky enough to live within the status of the Middle Class. But what about the poverty stricken. What about their education? Not granting them an equal chance means that the cycle will only continue.

So I hope we aren’t surprised in a couple of years when there’s an inflation of Black boys in prison, Black mothers of only 15 years old, a decrease in graduation rates, an increase in government assistance and a slew of elderly people who have no support.

Anyway, wish me and my new children luck. I will try my hardest to make the change that Geoffrey Canada has established. I just might go bald and sleep deprived while doing it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Step Aside Ms. Berry

Kerry Washington is the new Halle. Yeah, I said it. I haven't even though about it until today and I say it because I got my new Essence Magazine. She adorns the cover. Her face is plastered in more places recently and not just because she's easy on the eyes but because she's talented, personable, and involved in the issues of today.

My very first Kerry moment was a couples of years ago when I saw Lift. At the time she was one of the rare Black actresses that I thought was still beautiful even though she had short hair, chubby, high cheek bones and huge lips. It sounds like I'm describing myself and maybe that's why I fell in love with her. Recently, I saw a movie that wasn't really publicized, Life is Hot in Cracktown, where she played a transgender, crack addict. Next I plan to see Colored Girls. Because she's in it along with many other black Beauties.

You guys thought Halle did it in Monster's Ball. Hmmph, no sir. Check out Ms. Kerry, baby!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Buddha's My Buddy

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the [only] one who gets burned.”

I get these quotes from my job. They are posted for two weeks in a place that is visible once you walk in the door so you’re kind of forced to contemplate the meaning and how it may correlate with a situation your life.

This one applies so strongly in the sense that people are so often angry with someone else but rarely expressing their anger appropriately. I don’t need to tell my story. I just wanted you to think about it.

Book Review: Invisible Life

E. Lynn Harris was an openly gay, African American author who died last year. While alive, he hit the New York Times Bestseller list 10 consecutive times! Most of novels illustrated the lives of Black men who were struggling with their sexuality, as I assume he was in his early life.

In my book group, we read Invisible Life, E. Lynn Harris’ first novel which he initially sold out of the trunk of his car before finding a publisher. The story surrounds law school student Raymond Tyler, who has a long term girlfriend yet finds himself suddenly aroused by fellow student, Kelvin. It seems like I’m giving too much of the story but the story is truly about Raymond’s struggle in allowing himself to accept his sexuality and cope with the judgment of his coworkers, community, and most importantly, family.

Reading this novel I often questioned whether or not society should put a definition to sexuality. The question of “Gay?” “Straight?” or “Bisexual?” usually haunts someone who simply enjoys the pleasure of anything other than society’s classification of “normal.” I became more understanding of this after hearing Raymond’s account.

On the other hand, I did not enjoy how the story was told. The story was told the way a person in this situation would feel under pressure but they also wanted a happily ever after ending. The setting of this account was in New York City during the 1990s. Where was the derogatory slurs and violence that was directed towards homosexuals during this time? We all know it existed and this tale did not include any of it which made this book very whimsical in comparison to the situation, time, and place.

Eventually, I plan to read all thirteen of Harris’ novels. I have actually already read Just As I Am and Any Way The Wind Blows but was recently advised that it’s best to read his books in order.

Happy Reading!

No Wedding, No Womb

I was suppose to write this post about a month ago after a receiving an email from DMB. The email was a link from another blogger’s page urging fellow bloggers to touch on the subject of refraining from having children out of wedlock. When checking this email I immediately wanted to participate in the movement because I strongly believe in it. I was recently having a conversation about it and agreeing that this is the route I wish to take in the future rather than being apart of a statistic of unwed mothers, single or not.

For my own reasons, I refuse to have a child without having a supportive husband. I have no sob story to tell that supports my decision and I’m far from being a feminist with strong, obnoxious views. I have just seen too many young girls, which could have easily been me, have babies with vanishing baby fathers.

This subject of single, young mothers does not have any prejudices against any race. However, I am certain that my race leads by far. I believe it’s from a history that is so embedded in Black women that it is too late to expunge now. But, I do believe that the education of the No Wedding, No Womb movement can help women everywhere stop the epidemic in its tracks.

For more information visit: http://www.beyondblackwhite.com/nwnw/

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ain't No Stopping Me Now

“When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we don’t see the ones which open for us.”
-Alexander Graham Bell

We’ve all heard this quote many times before. Well, at least the first part. The second part rarely gets acknowledged. However, it’s this section that truly applies to the feelings and actions we have when the first section occurs.

I’m dealing with this very issue now on so many levels. Career wise, I’ve been working at a place for a couple of years and I’m more than ready to move on. Like most people, I complain and mope, but recently an opportunity has come for me to move on. With all the complaining I do, one would expect me to jump at it and never look back. But I’ve built my routine around this first place. I’ve come accustomed to working with these people who I spend most of my day with. On the other hand, if I don’t leave now I may as well set up living quarters at my workplace and live there forever. What is holding me back? The comfort of the known.

The same notion goes for those who won’t let go of the toxic people in their lives. If you know such a person will not add any positive energy to your well-being, but you can’t let go of them, it’s just your insecurity playing with your emotions. Unreliable boyfriends, dramatic friends, and family members who suck you dry just because their “family” all fit the criteria of who should be either cut off entirely or held at a distance. This is starting to sound like I’m going off on a tangent but it all relates. We hold on to people, things, relationship and jobs for so long thinking we may regret letting go.

Monday, September 27, 2010

That Mr. T. Kelly to you!

Trey Songz. I like him. And many of you out there do too. Nevertheless, there are the handfuls of critics who don’t like him due to his equivalent styles of his predecessors like R. Kelly, Aaron Hall and any other male crooner before his time. Personally I think that every artist that we love today is a replica of the artists that have had their time previously. Someone has to fill their spot, right.

But Tremaine Aldon Neverson has come a long way. He emerged as this rapper singer or singer rapper. Similar to Drake, Trey had a soulful voice but wanted to thug it out. Initially this personally disorder got him nowhere. So after being advised, he chose to serenade us with ballads instead of bars. 5 years later, Trey has missed the mark again. Before reading on, remember that this is my blog which means only my opinion is stated.

It’s not that he's completely lost but I'm noticing that something is missing in comparison to the last album. I know that the two can't be the same and some may even say, "Ni**as want my old shit, buy my old album!" Thanks Jay. But seriously Trey while you're giving us Passion, Pain, Pleasure we’re missing you being Ready.

On PPP Trey seems more robotic as if he's trying to fit into some mold of the pop world. On top of that I heard hints of The Dream, in “Red Lipstick” where Trey repeats choruses and lines over and over again. Then the ultimate happened, and I didn't even want to take it here, but he really did pull a couple of R. Kelly’s in “Alone.” Lastly, I didn’t notice as much sexiness as in the past. Trey didn’t come as hard as he did on “I Invented Sex” or “Neighbors Know My Name.” He only comes close with “Doorbell.”

Fortunately there was still some Trey evidence left. For instance, you can still imagine those crazy faces he makes just by listening to the way he sings the lyrics. There’s actually an ode to that, “Love Faces.”

To conclude, I believe that real fans will not enjoy Passion, Pain, Pleasure especially if you’re looking for something to continue your wet dreams of the last album Ready.

PS. He didn’t even say his coined phrase on this album, “YUP!” I want my money back.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So my dad tried to cheer me up yesterday and took me out to buy the new iPhone 4. Hated it! It's basically the iPhone 3G, which I already have, but square shaped. The people in the store were shocked to hear I didn't want it because old iPhone users are skeptical about changing to something out of the Apple world. Not me. So now you're probably wondering why I got the phone if I feel so strongly. Well, this is a test drive basically. I was told to try it out before make such a drastic change. They were so dramatic, re salesman and my dad. But this comes in handy for me to do a review for my viewers. All for y'all.

Here are the new perks:

The new iPhone has a new shape. It is very futuristic in the sense that other phones have a curvy shape and look juvenile. Look at the BlackBerry for instance. This new face also allows for a bigger screen.

The new iPhone can group your apps which comes in handy when you're spending time searching through pages. But you can update you 3G to get the same feature.

The new iPhone has a flash and video recorder. This is something that re old phone doesn't have but many other phones do have this feature. It's nothing new. Even a cave man can do it.

The new iPhone has FaceTime. This is where you go "Ohhhh, Awww!" But wait don't get too excited. Who exactly are you going to FaceTime. You can only use this feature if you're talking to someone else with an iPhone 4.

With these differences pointed out, I’m so ready to move on to something other than an Apple phone. Now I’m not saying that it’s not better than most phones out there, especially BlackBerry, however, we all need change sometimes, not just an upgrade.

Now I’m looking at an android phone. I really don’t know what it is but hey, I’ll figure it out, right? So if you know anything about the Samsung Captivate let me know.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Organizing your Life…

…Begins in your closet.

When I’m upset or bothered I usually clean. Last night I CLEANED so that should explain how upset I was. Tell you later. But good things came out of my anger. My closets are in tact and ready for the upcoming season. So let’s begin.
Anyone who knows me knows that I love accessories, sometimes too much because I overdo it. But nonetheless, I had to figure out a way to organize my things. I wish I had before pictures but just look at the after pictures and take away 10 points.
This is the end product:
I have a place for my earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, glasses, everything.
A closer look: Blogosphere, meet my new girlfriend. I walked into Pier1 Imports initially looking for a 3-tier plate stand. I was going to use this to dangle my earrings from. But they sold the stand and plates together. No plates were needed for my organization. So I ended up finding this jewelry stand which is more useful and is for what i needed for only $20. I really like the stand rather than the bowl that I kept my earrings in. Whenever I needed a pair I would have to fish them out and then detangle them.
A long time ago my necklaces stayed on my bed post. Now I have this coat hanger which isn’t bad. I separated the according to material. Gold, silver, bronze, pearls, etc. I also have some scarves up there. Head scarves only. My real scarves, pashminas, are on another coat hanger which hangs over the door.
Sorry guys, there was no organizing these bracelets. I thought about using paper towel stands but I would need about 10 to hold them all. So I just bought a wicker basket from A.J. Wright for $8 to go along with the theme, not sure of the theme yet though.
Glasses and hair decor. Nothing much to tell.
These heart shaped glass bowls are soon going to be replaced. One holds my rings and the other hold delicates jewelry. But they keep everything in place.

So I did this because organizing is crucial to maintaining a healthy life. Forget the healthy eating and exercise. Clutter free equals stress free. Hence my various attempt at having a garage sale. But anyway, hopefully the organized spaces can influence more organization in my life, school, work, the works.

TIPS for organization:
· Clear it out! Everything!
· Sort it out. Lay things out to see exactly what you have.
· Give it away. Decide what you want and need and discard the rest. My motto: If you haven’t used it within 1 year, then it’s wasting space.
· Put things back in a way that’s beneficial to you. Whether it is organized by color, season, or occasion, as long as it work for you and can last

If you have any more organizing ideas for me please forward!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Poemas de Amor

It’s like I woke up one day
in love.
The voice in my heart sang
its lips smiled
and its feet jumped.
The love I felt was strong
with a grip like a newborn.
It was, in a way, a newborn
growing fast, sitting up, crawling,
walking, running. Sometimes even
falling but always getting back
up to try again.

I wrote this a while ago, maybe last year. Usually in the classroom I work in, when there’s some downtime, you can usually get a lot of creativity out of me. I’m not a Nikki Giovanni or anything but I does my thang! Whatcha think?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dr. Miracle's Model

We all need change. In my case, I’m addicted to it. I am always looking for something new but not necessarily doing it all the time. Usually fear kicks in before I can make a decision. Now a couple of posts ago you may have noticed that I was looking at some hair styles that may be a little extreme from my standard ‘fro. At the moment I have a weave installed. Wrong move in a sense because I’ve been loosing sleep over it since it’s so tight but also a bad move because it’s tearing my edges to pieces. The damage is taking such a toll that when this weave come out my hair is going to look like a Dr. Miracle's commercial. So now I’m seriously contemplating it. I want to join the Chrisette Michele team.

This girl I’m subscribed to on YouTube, CHEVerlyHIllz, has done everything to her hair. It’s a similar story to mine of frying, dying, blowing drying, and anything else known to damage your hair. Finally she went natural with a big chop a little over a year but unfortunately experienced some heat damage. Now she’s decided to BC once again and realizes she like its way better.

I see so any with the 360° Caesar and I have yet to see someone that can’t pull it off. Amber Rose, Chrisette Michele…They did it.Should I?

Change is Gonna Come

Happy Birthday, Not So Happy Life

Sorry guys it’s been a while. I know you missed me. Relax. Calm down. I’ve been sleep deprived and I really haven’t had a clue as to what to do with myself. In one instance I’m happy but then again I’m just OK. For example, it was my birthday yesterday but I didn’t get any huge presents like a pair of diamond studs. Or I’m currently jobless but I’m returning to work next week. Or I have a boyfriend but I’m not talking to him right now. It’s like things are good but not 100%. Am I making sense? I guess this is an example of wanting too much and not being appreciative of what you have since others don’t have as much.

Anyway, let me update you on a few things. I started a new book in my book group. Yes, we can officially call it a group because Donelle has joined. 3’s a crowd but in a good way this time. We’re reading Shanghai Girls by Lisa Lee if you want to follow. And on the side I’m reading Assata: An Autobiography by Assata Shakur. Both of these books include characters that are so far from the life I live but I like those types of novels because it’s like a form of traveling. You get to leave your world and join another. Get me?

Also, as I said, it was my birthday yesterday. Go Virgos! I celebrated with a group of friends over the weekend with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then we partied at Club Venus. Oh, in between the two we partied in the middle of the street. Don't be surprised. Very typical for us.
But yesterday, my actual day, I went on a hot date with D. A simple walk over the bridge and then some Retail Therapy in Soho.I got some shoes guys from Mr. Madden (my other boyfriend). Now these shoes were originally $130. I got them for, drum roll please, $25! Do I even need to continue this post? It’s like that’s a showstopper. I feel like I stole something. That’s less that 25% of the original price. Then I went to Sephora for my free gift since I’m member. That sang happy birthday to me and gave me a free makeup set. More shopping, more shopping, blah, blah, blah then finally food. We went to Apartment 138 on Smith Street for a delishious (Flava Flav Dictionary) burger and an episode of Bad Girls Club: Miami.
What more can a girl ask for?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Is it too early for a drink?

I started the day extremely early in the eyes of a jobless person. I got up because I needed to run some errands. I had to deposit a check at the bank, try to sneak back into my college clinic for a physical (for a possible job), and then go to pick up a receipt of my fingerprints from the Department of Education (for said possible job).
So, the first two went fairly smoothly. But it had to be a city agency that ruined my day. I never made it into the Department of Education because there was no parking downtown and way too much traffic for me to concentrate. So as I was passing the city building I called their office to see if I even needed to go in and I was on hold until I got all the way back by my house. 13 minutes and 17 seconds! WTF. What are they paying these people for?
Maybe you think I’m jumping to conclusions but I never got a hold of anyone. I even tried to call again when I got home and my wait time was over 20 minutes. When someone did finally answer, I told them what I needed and the man simply responded “65 Court Street, Room 102.” What!!! I didn’t ask for the address. I know the address. I was there this Morning. But that was his smart ass way of telling me to come in. Ugh. Next time I’m taking the train.
Oh, I almost forgot. I hit someone today. Just a little tap. Why couldn’t life be more like Grand Theft Auto. In his case it was. Not even a scratch on his Ford Explorer XLT. On the other hand, my 1996 Camry has a sad face now.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

How does “How Are You” turn into “The Story of my Life”

So the guy at my temp job, 37, is walking around being friendly yesterday morning. First off, sit down and do some work. Since day one he’s been right in between the crack of the supervisor’s ass cheeks asking THE dumbest questions that have already been answered just to be heard. So yesterday he asks and older woman, around her 40’s, how was her weekend. She simply said, “Fine,” and as common courtesy she asked him the same question. You would’ve thought this man was being interviewed for a magazine or a newspaper. He let it all go. I know everything he did from the time he walked into his house after work last Thursday until he walked back into work yesterday. Ugh. Why does he feel the need to talk sooooo much? No one cares. It’s like, where are your friends? Do they not let you unleash these stories onto them so we don’t have to endure this at work? Maybe you should get a cat. Sometimes they seem like they’re listening. I mean I know everything about him. And half of the things he was saying were simply because he had lips. Nothing made a point. Example: “I mean really, you gotta be carefull out her in these streets cuz people out here be texting and walking and then allovasudden they just stop walking when they get a text. You know what I do? You wanna know what I do? I stop right behind them cuz I aint about to bump into nobody and they think I pick-pocket them or something. I aint going down for nothing like that. Nahmean?” SHUT UP!

PS – I know y’all saying the same thing about me. I talk about anything. But at least I give you the discrepancy to click the little red “x” in the top right corner. But please don’t click it. Read my blog!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Chirp if you like Chic for Cheap

I hope you all have read my posting about turning your summer outfits into winter attire. I'm saving you a lot of money so you better thank me. But for those of you who can't hold out and constantly have the itch to buy new things, I have something for you...Nice fall trends for your closet at nice prices for your wallet.

So let's start with shoes. I think shoes really make an outfit. Well, shoes and accessories. You can put on a white tee and blue jeans five days in a row and just change up the shoes and accessories and people won't even notice. Well, you know what I mean. Back to the shoes.

I don't remember who started this riding boot craze but ever since it began, I hardly think about wearing any other shoes during the fall and winter months, even spring if I could get away with it. But of course my Steve Madden Reins riding boots are about ready for shoe heaven. I've got them repaired 3 times within a year. Yes, 3! And while I'm still going to wear them, I'm eyeing a new Chic for Cheap pair of riding boots. At Target they have these new boots by Mossimo for less than $50 and they're mostly genuine leather. Good deal.

Another trend that is arising this fall is the motorcycle jacket. Currently I'm having flashbacks of the motorcycle fund raiser I attended this past weekend. There were ass-less chaps there y'all. Anyway, the leather motorcycle jacket has always been a staple for the rough and tough persona but is becoming more soft for an everyday look that can be worn in a feminine fashion. At Old Navy you can find an authentic leather motor jacket for $199 or you can scroll down on their outwear for the $39 twill version. You know which one I prefer.
I may get pointed and laughed at for this next Chic for Cheap trend. I love scarves, especially $5 pashminas scarves. I've seen scarves for around $10 in Old Navy before and that's just Old Navy. So my motto is stick to the men on Broadway who sell scarves for $5. These $5 scarves really add to anything you're wearing.
Stay tuned for more Chic for Cheap deals.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Change Clothes and Save

As the leaves fall and the winds chill, most of us go and fold away our skimpy summer attire and unpack our sweaters and corduroys. However, I don’t really know about the cords because my thighs usually rub and it causes a weird sound, but whatever floats your boat. Anyway, don’t put the summer clothes away just yet. Revamping your clothing not only creates a new trend for yourself, but it keeps some extra money in your pocket. We can all use extra money (says me, the expert, oh jobless one).

It’s very simple to turn a summer strapless dress that’s usually worn with sandals into a fall strapless dress worn with a cardigan, tights and boots. The key is layering items that can add depth to an outfit. Blazers, cardys, scarves and tights are just a couple of pieces you should have on hand to make an outfit new again. And I can’t just say it’s simple. I have to go into my closet and show you how easy it is by using my own clothes.
So stay tuned.

In this look I kept the top which can easily transition.
Kimono-sleeve top, Conway
Olive belted shorts, H&M
Wedges, Miss Sixty
Skinny jeans, H&M
Olive green platform, Nine West

If you want, you can even keep the tank and add a cardigan or blazer instead of changing to the black tee.
Peach tank, F21
Floral tier skirt, Strawberry’s
White wedges, Steve Madden
Black v-neck tee, Cherokee
Black opaque tights, Merona
Suede scrunch boots, Steve Madden

I actually wore this fall look in the spring right before it was started to get warm.
Paisley dress, H&M
Pink patent belt, Uniqlo
Pink patent wedge, Steve Madden
Blazer, H&M
Opaque tights, Merona
Distressed riding boots, Steve Madden

You can throw a black cami under this if you’re conscience about your bra showing. The top is really a tunic that covers the shorts. When turning it into a fall outfit it may seem too dark but the bright colors in the shirt lighten it up.
Sheer kimono tunic, H&M
Yellow shorts, H&M
Purple jellies, Gap
Black skinny pants, H&M
Leather driving mocs, Steve Madden

I was scared at first too. Wearing shorts and boots at the same time seemed weird but looks good. Try it out.
Tube top, H&M
Distressed boyfriend shorts, H&M
Studded gladiators, H&M
Perforated cardigan, Victoria’s Secret
Distressed riding boots, Steve Madden

Ok I get. I shop at H&M way to much. They should endorse me. I hope this helps you save a few bucks. Now I’m not saying don’t shop. I tried to make that vow to myself before and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. My dad can’t even do it and he’s a 53 year old an. He always is a sale at Macy’s. But when you do shop, make smart purchases.
Follow theses simple rules:
· Don’t go shopping without taking a look in your closet. You may find something similar to what you were going to purchase.
· Don’t but the same item more than once. If you have something similar, use that.
· Don’t buy things that can be found at a cheaper price. Quit being a label whore!
· Take risks when dressing.