Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BC Time!

It’s been a while. Blame it on my hair. It’s not behaving itself so I had to put it on a time out therefore I had nothing to write about. I could have written about the foolishness I see on a daily basis, but I spared you. You’re welcome.

Anyway, I’m here now and I have some news. My hair is growing beautifully! I haven’t straightened it out to know but I can tell.

This strand is from the front of my scalp and is about the length of a newly sharpened pencil.

(this picture was taken at work so i had to utilize my simple resources)

There is just one exception. There’s a spot dead center that is not budging. I noticed it back in September after I took out my birthday weave and now it’s December and there’s hardly any growth. It is no longer than an inch and constantly irritates me. I’ve done everything from massaging it with coconut oil to moisturizing it with shea butter, and even clarifying it with tea tree. Nothing is working (fast enough). But I have the ultimate solution.

Yes, I'm going to start all over again and I'm going to do it right. You all know how I started with regular products and weave caps. This time my hair is going to be treated like royalty. I'm joining MopTop's Challenge to keep me focused. Plus I get to look like Chrisette!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jack of All Trades

I’ve done it all. Well, at least attempted it all. At some point of my life I’ve been a hairdresser, a party planner, a bag designer, a photographer, a poet, and a knitter. The list can go on if I were to name the things I’ve only tried once but never maintained. This time around I think I’ve found something.

Before I reveal what that something is I just want to put it out there that everyone should be testing out their capabilities. You never know where your talents can take you until you try. And if it falls through, that gives more reason to test out your next talent. Besides, it’s a good method to unwind after the stressful days we all endure.

OK, the wait is over. As of September 2010, I am a… jewelry designer.

I came up with this particular hustle after realizing that I was spending way too much money on accessories and other costume jewelry. In a previous post you can see that I had to reorganize my whole closet just because of my surplus of jewelry. Then I began to examine how the pieces I owned were made. I said to myself, “I could do that!” A short trip to Michael’s pioneered my addiction to creating my pieces. And two months later, I have about 30 pieces.
Here’s a sneak peek...

St. Tropez


Chain Reaction