Monday, August 23, 2010

Is it too early for a drink?

I started the day extremely early in the eyes of a jobless person. I got up because I needed to run some errands. I had to deposit a check at the bank, try to sneak back into my college clinic for a physical (for a possible job), and then go to pick up a receipt of my fingerprints from the Department of Education (for said possible job).
So, the first two went fairly smoothly. But it had to be a city agency that ruined my day. I never made it into the Department of Education because there was no parking downtown and way too much traffic for me to concentrate. So as I was passing the city building I called their office to see if I even needed to go in and I was on hold until I got all the way back by my house. 13 minutes and 17 seconds! WTF. What are they paying these people for?
Maybe you think I’m jumping to conclusions but I never got a hold of anyone. I even tried to call again when I got home and my wait time was over 20 minutes. When someone did finally answer, I told them what I needed and the man simply responded “65 Court Street, Room 102.” What!!! I didn’t ask for the address. I know the address. I was there this Morning. But that was his smart ass way of telling me to come in. Ugh. Next time I’m taking the train.
Oh, I almost forgot. I hit someone today. Just a little tap. Why couldn’t life be more like Grand Theft Auto. In his case it was. Not even a scratch on his Ford Explorer XLT. On the other hand, my 1996 Camry has a sad face now.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

How does “How Are You” turn into “The Story of my Life”

So the guy at my temp job, 37, is walking around being friendly yesterday morning. First off, sit down and do some work. Since day one he’s been right in between the crack of the supervisor’s ass cheeks asking THE dumbest questions that have already been answered just to be heard. So yesterday he asks and older woman, around her 40’s, how was her weekend. She simply said, “Fine,” and as common courtesy she asked him the same question. You would’ve thought this man was being interviewed for a magazine or a newspaper. He let it all go. I know everything he did from the time he walked into his house after work last Thursday until he walked back into work yesterday. Ugh. Why does he feel the need to talk sooooo much? No one cares. It’s like, where are your friends? Do they not let you unleash these stories onto them so we don’t have to endure this at work? Maybe you should get a cat. Sometimes they seem like they’re listening. I mean I know everything about him. And half of the things he was saying were simply because he had lips. Nothing made a point. Example: “I mean really, you gotta be carefull out her in these streets cuz people out here be texting and walking and then allovasudden they just stop walking when they get a text. You know what I do? You wanna know what I do? I stop right behind them cuz I aint about to bump into nobody and they think I pick-pocket them or something. I aint going down for nothing like that. Nahmean?” SHUT UP!

PS – I know y’all saying the same thing about me. I talk about anything. But at least I give you the discrepancy to click the little red “x” in the top right corner. But please don’t click it. Read my blog!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Chirp if you like Chic for Cheap

I hope you all have read my posting about turning your summer outfits into winter attire. I'm saving you a lot of money so you better thank me. But for those of you who can't hold out and constantly have the itch to buy new things, I have something for you...Nice fall trends for your closet at nice prices for your wallet.

So let's start with shoes. I think shoes really make an outfit. Well, shoes and accessories. You can put on a white tee and blue jeans five days in a row and just change up the shoes and accessories and people won't even notice. Well, you know what I mean. Back to the shoes.

I don't remember who started this riding boot craze but ever since it began, I hardly think about wearing any other shoes during the fall and winter months, even spring if I could get away with it. But of course my Steve Madden Reins riding boots are about ready for shoe heaven. I've got them repaired 3 times within a year. Yes, 3! And while I'm still going to wear them, I'm eyeing a new Chic for Cheap pair of riding boots. At Target they have these new boots by Mossimo for less than $50 and they're mostly genuine leather. Good deal.

Another trend that is arising this fall is the motorcycle jacket. Currently I'm having flashbacks of the motorcycle fund raiser I attended this past weekend. There were ass-less chaps there y'all. Anyway, the leather motorcycle jacket has always been a staple for the rough and tough persona but is becoming more soft for an everyday look that can be worn in a feminine fashion. At Old Navy you can find an authentic leather motor jacket for $199 or you can scroll down on their outwear for the $39 twill version. You know which one I prefer.
I may get pointed and laughed at for this next Chic for Cheap trend. I love scarves, especially $5 pashminas scarves. I've seen scarves for around $10 in Old Navy before and that's just Old Navy. So my motto is stick to the men on Broadway who sell scarves for $5. These $5 scarves really add to anything you're wearing.
Stay tuned for more Chic for Cheap deals.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Change Clothes and Save

As the leaves fall and the winds chill, most of us go and fold away our skimpy summer attire and unpack our sweaters and corduroys. However, I don’t really know about the cords because my thighs usually rub and it causes a weird sound, but whatever floats your boat. Anyway, don’t put the summer clothes away just yet. Revamping your clothing not only creates a new trend for yourself, but it keeps some extra money in your pocket. We can all use extra money (says me, the expert, oh jobless one).

It’s very simple to turn a summer strapless dress that’s usually worn with sandals into a fall strapless dress worn with a cardigan, tights and boots. The key is layering items that can add depth to an outfit. Blazers, cardys, scarves and tights are just a couple of pieces you should have on hand to make an outfit new again. And I can’t just say it’s simple. I have to go into my closet and show you how easy it is by using my own clothes.
So stay tuned.

In this look I kept the top which can easily transition.
Kimono-sleeve top, Conway
Olive belted shorts, H&M
Wedges, Miss Sixty
Skinny jeans, H&M
Olive green platform, Nine West

If you want, you can even keep the tank and add a cardigan or blazer instead of changing to the black tee.
Peach tank, F21
Floral tier skirt, Strawberry’s
White wedges, Steve Madden
Black v-neck tee, Cherokee
Black opaque tights, Merona
Suede scrunch boots, Steve Madden

I actually wore this fall look in the spring right before it was started to get warm.
Paisley dress, H&M
Pink patent belt, Uniqlo
Pink patent wedge, Steve Madden
Blazer, H&M
Opaque tights, Merona
Distressed riding boots, Steve Madden

You can throw a black cami under this if you’re conscience about your bra showing. The top is really a tunic that covers the shorts. When turning it into a fall outfit it may seem too dark but the bright colors in the shirt lighten it up.
Sheer kimono tunic, H&M
Yellow shorts, H&M
Purple jellies, Gap
Black skinny pants, H&M
Leather driving mocs, Steve Madden

I was scared at first too. Wearing shorts and boots at the same time seemed weird but looks good. Try it out.
Tube top, H&M
Distressed boyfriend shorts, H&M
Studded gladiators, H&M
Perforated cardigan, Victoria’s Secret
Distressed riding boots, Steve Madden

Ok I get. I shop at H&M way to much. They should endorse me. I hope this helps you save a few bucks. Now I’m not saying don’t shop. I tried to make that vow to myself before and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. My dad can’t even do it and he’s a 53 year old an. He always is a sale at Macy’s. But when you do shop, make smart purchases.
Follow theses simple rules:
· Don’t go shopping without taking a look in your closet. You may find something similar to what you were going to purchase.
· Don’t but the same item more than once. If you have something similar, use that.
· Don’t buy things that can be found at a cheaper price. Quit being a label whore!
· Take risks when dressing.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don’t be Tardy for the Party

It was the first day of my temp position. I arrived about 15 minutes ahead of time just because that’s what I do. I guess no one else but me and the white boy got the memo because everyone else strolled in when they were just about good and ready. So let’s get it in.
A little after 9 a.m. a returnee decides to arrive with a bag of McD’s breakfast and gives pounds to the homies. We get it. You’ve done this before. So he proceeded to sit in my vicinity and eat his meal even though he was late. And I could tell exactly what was in his mouth. The breakfast sandwich and a whole lotta spit. I know because I heard everything. It sounded like a cow. Imagine if I dared to look up at his mouth. Ugh. Table manners people.
Also walks in a 19 year old temp. She’s dressed in what she must’ve though was business attire. I guess if your business includes climbing up and sliding down the pole, then she was right on the money. The girl had on shorts so short that I could see the black on the bottom of her ass. She wore moccasins and electric blue nail polish. And all day she twirled her weave. When we were asked to tell a little bit about ourselves, she informed of the important attributes including her birthday being next month. Who the F**k Cares? She should’ve continued by saying she like long walks on the beach and romance novels. This ain't eHarmony?
One man was decked out in orange and navy. Very reminiscent of the NY Mets. But his story ends here because he left and never came back after lunch. I guess he went to see the game.
You’re probably laughing and I can definitely pour more of this onto you but honestly, I’m making myself upset. People, you hear my cry. I can’t do this anymore. I need a place where people are on my level. Not to say that I am above the rest. But c’mon. You know what, scratch that. I need a job that surrounds me with people that are ABOVE my level. At least I could learn from them and take something from the workplace.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Hairspirations

We all should have them. As a female, I think we all have the issue with being happy with our hair. I know when I finally achieve a style that I’ve been wanting forever, I somehow see something else that I just have to have. So for right now, this very moment, here are my hairspirations.

Chrisette Michele

Can't a girl just dream?

Yaya Dacosta

I know this is a huge weave, but still.

Hollis Wakeema aka Baby Face

Super Cute. Looks like a simple curly twist out.

Jasika Nicole

I guess i just need more time to gain this length.

What to do, What to do?

I’ve been natural for a little over a year now. I believe it started in May 2009. Since then, I’ve been weavin’ and wiggin’ it. I started out with a birthday weave in August.

My bangs were much longer, but I believe that once my hair started to grow, it lifted my bangs. Milky Way Saga Gold #4, 12” & 14”

This was followed by some cornrows for an October cruise. Unfortunately, my edges were badly damaged from the pulling. I guess I should’ve known it wasn’t such a good idea when I was getting it done because I couldn’t even blink.

Notice how far apart my center part is.

When this came out, THANK GOD, I wasn’t sure what I could do. I mean I had this short hair on my head that couldn’t even lay down flat due to all the new growth. I couldn’t dare wear it out and was too cheap to pay to get it done. So after some training from YouTube, I created my very own weave cap (wig)!

Yes, very amateur, but successful. It last for a couple of weeks before it started to fall apart.

I made about 3 of these weave caps and wore each for about 1 month. When February rolled around I was soooo done with wigs. I mean really, I only knew 2 styles. Think about that. 3 months and 2 styles equals boring. So to turn up the heat, I ……… drum roll please……… I got another weave! Big moves y’all.

I guess I was afraid of change or maybe it was the forest that was growing on my head. So I panicked and the lame weave thing as usual. I actually like this. But the bottom track got nappy as any weave wearers out there knows.

Finally, between styles, I was convinced to wear MY hair. And go figure, it was a little Armenian lady who convinced me. So months later, I’m still wearing my hair but I’m starting to feel that itch. For the past 4 months I’ve been wearing the same two strand twists out. I love the look of my curly 'fro when let out but for 4 months straight...getting boring.

I don't want to do anything I'll regret, but I have to do something different.
What to do now?
Color, weave, braids, Big Chop, perm.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Too Much Tuesday

So I woke up at 7 o’clock Tuesday morning to join the Immigrated-Babysitters Association (there’s no such thing btw). No offense to anyone in America from another country that chooses to baby-sit a little monster, but I never thought I’d be the one walking around with a little white girl by my side.

Times when I’ve seen West Indian or Filipino or whatever ethnicity other than white pushing a stroller or holding hands with a white child, I automatically think that that child is a spoiled little brat who runs over the sitter because she’s too scared to say no to the kid. Luckily, the child I had isn’t too bad. But hopefully, I get a job quickly so I won’t make a career out of this and end up with a kid whose parent’s buys him guns. Monique knows what I’m talking about.

After baby-sitting, I met up with Donelle. Sidebar: I need new friends because she’s all over my blog. But let me just tell you a joke. We met at 14th Street and I tell her that we should walk to 42nd Street and she asks if it’s far (you should be laughing right now). Anyway, on the way to 42nd Street, I see the shoes of my life. If any of you really know me, you know that I have four buckets of shoes which can’t even close and doesn’t even include boots. So back to the shoes: Jeffrey Campbell’s Tick. They’re wedged booties with a peep toe and thumbtacks in the wedge. HAWT!!!

So finally after some Jamba Juice, cute shoes, and walking through a maze of tourists in Times Square, we got to 42nd Street and picked up our TKTS to see the play Race. I can’t even begin to speak on the play. Maybe in another posting but in the mean time, google it! But I do wish to hear what you guys think about racism.

Can you have a true conversation about racism with a white person assuming you’re black (and vice versa)?
Is everything Black & White?
How do you respond to undercover racism?

We’ll talk about this later.