Saturday, July 31, 2010

Junkyard Junkie

I used to be embarrassed when my father dug into the pile of junk that was placed in front of someone’s house. I would look around to see whose watching as I watched him dust off an old table or chair and explain what he could do to revive the item back to life for our home. Anyway, let’s title him Junkyard Junkie Sr.
I’ve become Junkyard Junkie Jr. I think all naturals are. Maybe my dad wasn’t the best example but when we naturals hear about a product we immediately jump up and buy it even though we have other unfinished recommendations sitting on our shelves or at the bottom of our mother’s closets (inny @ Don). Even if it isn’t a suggestion we add it to our collection. This all leads me to the question of what products really work.
Personally, I am a natural 4b. My set of products includes things advised by naturals from all ranges. Some of them are not even my ethnicity. Some have been doing this natural hair thing for ages. Some have had success with just water while others have soul glo juice dripping from the ends (another inny @ Don).
Does all that matter? Do these “advisors” really have the knowledge we suppose they do? I mean, if providers like YouTube weren’t existent, would we have all of these products (I’m not knocking YouTube. Because of it, I became natural and confident)? Regardless, I just want us to be more conscious of the money we spend, the time we waste, and the energy we use when buying and testing these products. Still stick by your advisors. I’ve had many positive experiences, but don’t simply buy into peoples experiences irrationally.
Here are some products I have heard about and use. Remember, I am an Black, female with a 4b texture and have only been natural for a little over a year. Use at your own risk!

These products are what I use to clean my hair (from left to right):

After it's washed and still wet, I apply:

Throughout the week, I will add:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cheralyn "Big Fat Failure" Nimrod

“Inquire Within”

“Apply Here”

Yeah, right.

I’ve applied to just about everywhere known to man except the nearest strip club. I mean what does it take to get a job as a college grad with much experience? What was all of this college for? I’m just waiting to run out of toilet tissue so I can actually use the degree to wipe my ass. Over-qualified for McDonald’s. Under-qualified for a Teen Coordinator.
I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to get a nice, sturdy, large cup and beg on the train for change. I read somewhere that even panhandlers make around $27,000 yearly. Or I can buy advertisement space and paste my résumé on all the major streets. Or how about printing t-shirts and coffee mugs with my résumé on it. Sounds like a plan but I still need money to do these things which goes back to me needing a job.
For now I guess I’ll just email everyone a copy of my résumé and post it on my blog.

Brooklyn College/CUNY, Brooklyn, NY
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology recipient, May 2009

PS 77 Lower Lab School Assistant Teacher, New York, NY, 9/2006-6/2010
· Administer educational programs to children after research and development.
· Stand in as a substitute head teacher when needed.
· Prepare and correct tests and assignments.
· Document attendance and grade records.
· Supervise the health and safety of children during lunch, recess, and field trips.
· Build relationships with children while working on individual goals.

New York City Parks and Recreation Urban Park Ranger Fellow, New York, NY, Summer 2006, 2007, 2008, & 2009
· Offered general information to park patrons such as directions and rules and regulations.
· Administered educational programs to children at playgrounds and high activity sites.
· Helped the public appreciate natural and historic elements.
· Provided low-level enforcement to ensure public safety in the park environment.

Brooklyn College Community Partnership Teen Counselor, Brooklyn, NY, 1/2006-4/2007
· Counseled high school students with personal and academic issues.
· Created an environment that is diverse and relevant to the needs of adolescents.
· Developed and executed programs that address youth issues.

Macy’s East Seasonal Sales Associate, Brooklyn, NY, 10/2004-1/2005
· Provided customer service while maintaining presentation and professionalism.
· Implemented merchandizing ideas and displays.
· Assisted clientele with purchases on sales floor, in fitting rooms, and at the registers.
· Cultivated client relationships to increase customer satisfaction and repeat sales.
· Surpassed daily sales goals.

HIP Health Plan of New York Administrative Intern, New York, NY 9/2003-8/2004 · Performed general office operations, administrative tasks, and special projects as needed.
· Created and modified documents using Microsoft Office while maintaining hard copy and electronic filing system.
· Answered and transferred phone calls to appropriate staff members.
· Confirmed appointments with patients.

The Brooklyn Alliance Young Women's Health and Technology Website Developer, Brooklyn, NY 2/2003-8/2003
· Contributed as a team member in developing
· Efficiently and effectively made use of community resources pertaining to issues about teen health.
· Researched, colleted, and broadcasted articles on the subject of adolescent well-being.

Police Athletic League After School Counselor, Brooklyn, NY 9/2002-6/2003
· Assisted children with homework and guided students in their academic growth.
· Planned and created innovative age appropriate activities
· Corresponded with families about their children’s strengths.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Riding Dirty

Dirty D and I were riding around Brooklyn yesterday. Alotta people don’t like riding bikes (inny @ Domo), let alone have bikes, but it’s kinda nice. Compared to driving, you actually get to see your surroundings. You’re not road raged, never stuck in traffic, or even risking going to jail over vehicular manslaughter, which I’m always close to committing. Stupid pedestrians.
We started our day not necessarily knowing where we were headed but we made our way. Ultimately, we ended up at the Martin Luther King Jr. Concert Series to see Ms. Chrisette Michele. She was sooooo good. Can you believe she was actually the opening act and not the main attraction? How rude. I could have enjoyed her the whole night but I guess they had already paid Musiq Soulchild, so he ended up coming out too.
Anyway here are some pictures.

Ready for the day!

What are dads for?

Got Don and ready to go!

Had to make a stop at Ruthie's. Always time for that.

Now finally at the concert. Go Chrissy!

Satisfied customers.

Ending on a good night.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting real Flashy

Wanna know more of me?
I started taking pictures again. Well in high school I think my nickname was paparazzi. I always had a camera resulting in the year book being compiled with most of the pictures I took. But as time went on and friends separated, I haven’t really had the chance to flash people (no pun intended). Plus, my godson broke two of my cameras. Now I got a new camera, courtesy of his mother, and I started taking pictures again.
The pictures I take now are not like before. No ghetto girl poses or deuces up. No people. I’m looking at prettier things now. Nature, really. My inspiration probably comes from an old coworker, Mohammed, who took the coolest pictures of birds and plants and passing clouds and everything else we’d just walk by unnoticed. He would make things look better than they’d looked with the naked eye. Of course he had a SLR and I only have a digital snapshot, but I still do my thing.
It all started in Barbados, May 2010. I saw all of these beautiful flowers right outside of our room. I just snapped the picture. I was amazed at the turnout and kept snapping pics. I haven’t really done much since but I do know that I love it and with a little more visual inspiration, I’ll be paparazzi again.

And no, these did not come from the internet!
And yes, I still take my ghetto girl pose off pics!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Constipated Souls

You guys don’t know much about me. You’ll learn as we go on. But one thing I can tell you now is I love a good book. When I say a good book, I mean nothing too refined and stuffy but also nothing too silly and ghetto. Something that is relatable, interesting, and recognizable to my own life.
So right now I’m reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Who would think I’d be reading this; a book by a middle-aged, white, business-woman. She’s rich and married, no kids but two houses. The works. But I picked it up because it was on a table at B&N.
Anyway, this book is actually teaching me things. Ultimately, I’m not thinking about this woman’s trials and tribulations. I’m taking her experiences and knowledge and applying it to my own life.
Guess what? I’m also in a book group. Not really sure if it can be considered a group since it’s just me and a friend but we’ve been reading and emailing thoughts and ideas about how we can cleanse our bodies and souls like this Elizabeth woman. I mean not everyone can just pick up and travel to an Indian Ashram for a year like her. One of the ideas that my “group” had was letting go. What’s meant by that is taking something that you’ve been holding on to and just coming to terms with it. It was suggested to “jot down all [of your issues] on a paper and burning it or throwing it in the river or burying it somewhere.”
I haven’t decided what I’m going to let go of but I’m currently taking it into deep thought. If something this simple could relieve me of a lifetime of stress why not do it?
So in closing, will you join me in a letting go ceremony? No designated place or time. We don’t have to see each others faces. Just do it with me in spirit. Most of us need it anyway. This is probably why we’re so angry, cursing each other out on the train and such. SMH.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Recovering Crack Addict

So again, this post goes out to Don and the various other influential people out there, Nicki Mae, Black Onyx, & Ambrosia. For the past year or so I’ve been going natural. Hi, my name is Cheralyn and I’m 14 months clean of the creamy crack. You guys are supposed to reply “Hi, Cheralyn.” Anyway, yes natural, like nappy, brillo, Nigerian hair (sorry to those that are offended, however this is MY blog and the red square with the "x" inside at the top right of the screen can be pressed at any time). It’s been a tough road. But I got here and wanted to impart my experience with anyone who is fresh to it, contemplating on joining the nappy & happy crew or even someone who is already a member and thinking about reverting back to their drug of choice: perm. Don’t do it. I’m here. Periodically, or rather when i feel like it, i'll post some pics for all to laugh at, I mean see. Any questions, you know what to do.

And you thought I forgot....well, i kinda did.

This one goes out to Ms. Donelle Malika. I was just sitting up in my room (ode to Brandy) until Don called to cheer me up. I’ll tell y’all what the problem is later. We got into a conversation about blogs. She recently started one and as you can see I have one that is truly neglected. So now I’m back. I guess I never came since I only made a quick peek out the window with one measly intro blog. But now I’m back, for real, for real. You guys can thank her by visiting her blog, well at least when I’m not saying much.