Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Hair A.D.D.iction

I have some sort of A.D.D. when it comes to hair. I was just talking to my friends today about having done everything to my hair, with the exception of a Soul Glo Jheri Curl, which is definitely not on my To Do List. So, I was watching The Family Crews and saw this stylist named Kiyah Wright and instead of looking out the hair she was doing, I immediately fell in love with her hair. Being that I'm nearly bald, I'm now inspired by people who have similar hairstyles and she does, but better. Let's start by looking at her amazing color. I have abox of color in the house after seeing this I'm afraid to do it because it'll be no match. And with my luck I'll end up looking like Sean Cameron. Then look at the cut. Now I've had something similar in length when I was a on the creamy crack but never while natural. This would take a while to grow because I'd have to get my sides and back cut and leave the top on then cross my fingers for it to have a nice curl pattern. First step: Go "balls to the wall" and color. Stay Tuned